Welcome To May’s Brexit Shambles

The date 18th April 2017 – Theresa May calls a snap general election to get a Brexit mandate, something she vowed not to do. Part of her speech:

I have concluded that the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions I must take.

She lost the slim majority the Tories had and needed the support of the DUP to then create a MINORITY government. This has weakened her position as leader of this country and more importantly made her look like an utter fool in Europe.

Fast forward to 4th December 2017. We are already a laughing stock in Europe due to the Tories attempts at Brexit negotiations, but finally Theresa May is hours if not minutes from calling a deal that would see the Brexit negotiations move on to the next stages after weeks and months of deadlock. Step forward the DUP.

The Brexit Shambles

The Irish border. The DUP has said it could not sign up to anything that would mean Northern Ireland is treated differently to the rest of the UK in terms of any Brexit deal, yet the DUP say they do not want a hard border on the island of Ireland.

That could be a very difficult task, May’s Brexit will mean leaving the single market and the EU customs union. This will mean Northern Ireland & The Republic Of Ireland will have very different trade and customs rules. This will mean by World Trade Organization rules there HAS to be a customs border between the 2, a hard border.

The draft deal that was to be announced would have aligned Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland in terms of trade and customs avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland, BUT, would have meant Northern Ireland having different Brexit terms to the rest of the UK, effectively creating a border in the Irish Sea. Absolutely unacceptable to the DUP.

The last hard border in Ireland was removed as part of the Good Friday agreement. Do we really want to risk visiting that era again?

What a shambolic mess, an utter utter shambles.

Well done May, well done Theresa May, you now make yourself look even more foolish, even more idiotic and even weaker in Europe at a time when we need strong decisive leadership and

 Brexit was always going to be a disaster for the UK but it just got even worse.



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