A Shameful Day For 2 Western Leaders

What a day it’s been for 2 of the worlds most prominent and powerful western leaders. The Only words would be best to describe it would be shameful to say the least.


Lets start with Donald Trump, the Trumpster, The Trump.

We all know he loves a good tweet, a rant against the media citing fake news as a tool in his drive to be one of the most divisive US presidents in modern history. But today was a special day even by his standards.

Today he has decided to re-tweet Britain First leader Jayda Fransen, a woman who has previously been charged with religious aggravated harassment.

The tweets will not be published on this website as we refuse to give this racist far right organization or any of its leaders a platform, but the tweets concerned were utterly shocking.

It wouldn’t take you long to search for them, it’s headline news.

What was shared could very possibly be fake, and no doubt they will be if they are published by the vile people that run Britain First.

The Whites House spokesperson Sarah Sanders response to this, bearing in mind the shouting and screaming Trump has done about fake news:

“Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real,” she said.

“I think it’s important to talk about national security and national security threats. The president sees different things to be national security threats, and he sees having strong borders as being one of the things that helps protect people in this country from some real threats that we face.”

A step to far this time by a racist hypocritical bigot, a man who needs removing from office immediately for the sake of world peace a racial harmony.


Next up is Theresa May, although her office has condemned Trumps comments which can only be commended, they refuse to cancel a state visit to the UK from this man

But this is not the problem with May today.

Yesterday Saudi Arabia beheaded 7 people, guess what country she was visiting today, Saudi Arabia.

This is a country that routinely executes juveniles for speaking out against it’s leaders or participating in protests, a country that executes without proper legal representation or due process.

This year they have executed 133 people and no doubt there convictions would be dubious in most countries to say the least.

Instead of visiting places like this she should be vehemently condemning there actions yet is willing to sell them bombs that routinely kill dozens of innocent women and children in Yemen.

What a Prime Minister the UK has who stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most despicable leaders this world has to offer.



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