Ralf Little Destroys Jeremy Hunts’ Lies On The Andrew Marr Show

Ralf Little, the former Royal Family actor, has absolutely destroyed the UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunts’ lies on the Andrew Marr show when Hunt said he had overseen “the biggest expansion of mental health provision in Europe”

Hunt boasted that the rest of the world was looking at what we are doing and that we were considered world leaders.

Lies Debunked

Up steps Ralf Little, who said “this is what it looks like when a man goes on TV and knowingly lies to the public” before then saying he dares him too sue him if he is wrong.

Hunt then responded:

Ralf, using FactCheck & FullFact, then stated that rather than more people being recruited actually we have:

  • 14 per cent fewer mental health nurses than we did in 2010.
  • Fewer Psychiatry doctors than we did in 2010.
  • And less training for new psychiatry specialists – with only 69 per cent of places filled this year after two rounds

Previously Jeremy Hunt has had to re-write parliamentary records over false claims to do with mental health, will he be doing the same again?

To see all of his tweets debunking Jeremy Hunts lies, head over to his twitter profile to see it all.

Well done Ralf Little for standing up to politicians who think it is OK to use lies to win them public favor.


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