UK Councils Start Rolling Out New Sh*t Bins In Preparation For Trump Visit

Trump will be visiting the UK this year, the dates are not certain yet but on account of him being a racist bigoted prick, it will be a working visit and not a state visit.

In preparation for this event councils all across the UK from Monday will be delivery red bins to every house in the country to compliment their recycling and general waste bins.

Many people come Monday will be asking what are these bins for? Well the answer is simple – to collect shit.

All Types Of Shit

These bins will collect all types of shit. Human shit, dog shit, cat shit, in fact any shit you can find and you are prepared to pick up.


And why is this you may be asking. Well here at BangsThought we were intrigued as to why councils up and down the country are asking people to stockpile shit, so we called a local council and the answer was simple:

To throw at Donald Trump.

Trump Face


John Smith & Bob Tetley from the unnamed council were very forthcoming when interviewed about this, they said:

Donald Trump is a huge bell end. He’s racist and he is sexist. We know that people will want to throw shit at him so it’s only right we give them the opportunity, but because he is probably the biggest prick in the world, we want to make sure everyone up and down the country has the opportunity to throw shit at Trump, So best way to do that is to start collecting shit now. It’s the only way we can be sure to collect enough of the stuff to give everyone a fair chance.

Seems fair enough.


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