POLL: Is Russia Now A Credible Threat To The West Again?

It’s been very interesting recently with many things happening across the world concerning Russia. When the Soviet Union collapsed there was a long period of instability, with minimal investment in infrastructure, the Chechen war and a weak President in Boris Yeltsin amongst other things.

Then in 1999 Vladimir Putin took the reigns and has been in power ever since. An unknown at the time, Putin has dramatically changed Russia since the days of the collapse in the Soviet Union and it now seeks to exert it’s authority across the world.

There has been the annexation of Crimea, the Ukrainian conflict, the Syrian War and now there is the spy saga unfolding in the UK.

The West, rightly or wrongly, always looks at Russia with paranoid eyes and now it is exerting it’s authority again in the world, are we seeing the start of a new Cold War? The poll is a simple one – Is Russia A Threat to The West Again since the fall of the Soviet Union.

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