iPhone X – The Most Breakable iPhone EVER!!!

So, the iPhone X is upon us, Apples latest offering in the high end smartphone arena. Pre-orders have been good and the phone has mainly been received well in the tech world with it’s super retina OLED edge to edge display, facial recognition, no home button, wireless charging. This all sounds brilliant for the person who wants cutting edge technology from their $/£/€1000+ smartphone.

The Most Breakable iPhone EVER!!!

SquareTrade, a company that provides warranties for electronic devices, decided to run some tests on the device to see how it faired. The results were not good…..

The tests conducted by SquareTrade were done so by robots or mechanical devices to provide consistency in testing across devices. The first test that was done was from a height of 6 feet and the phone wasdropped on it’s front, this rendered the screen and TrueDepth sensor inoperable. The same test but dropped on it’s back shattered the back and the same test on it’s side rendered the screen inoperable.

Next was the tumble test, this meant the device was put in a device mimicking a washer or tumble dryer for 60 seconds. This test broke the swipe to unlock gesture. The next test to be conducted was falling from the roof of a car scenario, this smashed the front and back of the device and also Face ID stopped working.

In the dunk test it did fair pretty well, it survived 30 minutes submerged in water without any signs of water damage. SquareTrade rate devices on their breakability and it scored a whopping 90/100 making it a very high risk phone indeed. iPhone X Breakability Scorecard PDF

For an out of warranty screen repair on the device it will set you back $279 in the US or $549 for any other damage so investing in a top quality case is a must and is also what Apple advise consumers.



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@ 1000+ for a phone, I would want the thing indestuctable!!!!!

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