#HERO OF DAY: Window Cleaner Saves A Banksy In Hull

After Hull had a stunning 2017 being the City of Culture and all that, they had another reason to celebrate over the weekend. Banksy paid a visit.

He left one of his works of art creating at lot of attention as all of his works of art do.

Nightmare Vandals Strike

Unfortunately after a few days, and Hull City Councils lack lustre display in protecting the piece, vandals struck and it look like the street art had been ruined, with white wash being used to cover it.

Banksy Destroyed

Step Forward The Hero Of The Day

The mural in Scott Street, Wincolmlee look liked it had been destroyed, ruining the chance for many people to see a piece of the elusive street artists work.

Step forward window cleaner Jason Fanthorpe who used water and white spirit to partially restore the Banksy.

He said he “could not sit back and try not to help” after seeing the damage.

“I was just going to bed when I’d seen that it had been painted over, and someone had said it was still wet,” he said.

“Banksy, love him or hate him, has international prestige and he’d gifted the city with his art.”

At first he just used water on a small part of the mural but nothing happened so he used white spirit for the restoration

Hull City Council has now put a protective layer over the image so others can have the chance to enjoy the work of art.

Banksy Restored
Before & After Banksy Restored



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