Awkwafina ‘My Vag’

My Vag is a viral hit by Asian American rapper, actress & comedian Awkwafina. the viral hit was a belated response to Mickey Avalon’s ‘My Dick’.

From The Guardian:

My Vag, the viral hit, perhaps most succinctly showcases what makes her so watchable. She made it on a whim, in a direct albeit strangely belated response to Mickey Avalon’s 2006 My Dick. It’s an epic boast battle that – with bonkers rhymes – pits her bits against a rival’s. “My vag like a operatic ballad / Your vag like Grandpa’s cabbage […] My vag, like tastin’ heaven / Your vag manages a 7-Eleven”. The track understandably caught people’s attention – not all gleeful; some feminists took exception – and gave the rapper a greater understanding of the platform she had stumbled on. “I didn’t mean My Vag to be a feminist message,” she says. “I was just rapping about my own genitalia.”

Awkwafina, who achieved a double major in women’s studies and journalism, is unafraid to speak her mind. And being Asian-American with Chinese and South Korean heritage means that just doing what she does is a political statement. “The existence of someone like me, especially from my earlier videos, when YouTube was a landscape where not a lot of people saw an Asian-American woman being entirely unashamed – save for Cho – is in itself provocative,” she says.

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